Pre-Paid Funeral Planning

Why is a Pre-Paid Funeral Plan a good idea?


Funeral costs have risen by over 60% in recent years and look set to continue on the same path. Recent figures suggest that the cost for an average funeral will have exceeded £5000 by 2018.

One of the main and important advantages of a pre-paid funeral plan over a traditional insurance policy or savings account is that the funeral directors’ fees are guaranteed to be met, however much their price rises, and therefore won’t be a financial burden for your relatives, no matter how long you live.

This therefore ensures that the next of kin will not be landed with a huge financial headache, whilst they are struggling to deal with your bereavement and have to find the funds when least able to cope.

If you opt to put money in an insurance policy or building society, there are no guarantees that the investment will increase sufficiently to pay for the funeral when the unfortunate day comes. Take out a Golden Leaves plan, however, and, not only do you pay today’s prices, you are guaranteed the funeral you want, no matter how prices rise in the future, regardless of how long you live.


Client benefits:

  • Funeral Directors professional fees are fully paid
  • Country wide network of funeral directors ensures total country coverage
  • Personal, and compassionate local services provided by locally established Funeral firms
  • Flexible payment options
  • Lump sum payment option
  • Guaranteed acceptance, with no health restrictions
  • Plans tailored to your needs
  • No financial burden on family
  • No health checks
  • Independent trust
  • Security of all funds
  • Easy pay instalments
  • 24 hour emergency helpline
  • Available through Europe
  • Eco conscious green funerals

If you would like to discuss the available options, please contact us for a free home visit.

Should you decide to take out the Funeral plan, we can arrange a convenient time to call at your home to complete all paperwork needed and answer any questions you may have.

Life Planning Solutions is an authorised Agent for Golden Leaves and Golden Charter Pre-Paid Funeral Plans.