Essential Document Storage

Why store a will?


Due to the unregulated nature of will-writing, there are many problems that arise due to poor storage of wills. The Law Society has many examples on record of clients being unable to locate a will, wills being unprotected and/or kept in inappropriate places, significant and unreasonable ongoing charges for the storage of the will.

Storing a copy of your will with Essential Storage can eliminate or help alleviate common Problems found with hard copy storage.

You may have written your own will in which case Life Planning Solutions will be able to review the content. Any problems with the drafting of a DIY will can be spotted and corrected by them at the time of submission to Essential Storage .


The Purpose of Essential Storage


APS Legal and Associates are the market leaders offering Essential Storage, a 21st Century Will Storage package combining Physical Storage and Registration.

For a small annual fee we offer you the best possible security of your Wills while also ensuring another copy is made should the original be unavailable.  Registration also ensures that the Executors can find the Will when the time approaches.  You can also Store your Lasting Power of Attorneys for no extra cost.


Physical Storage


APS Legal and Associates have their own Storage facility that enables you to store all of your legal documents plus other documents such as A Letter of Wishes. The documents are stored in a heat proof file behind a fire proof door. Testators and Executors are given a certificate stating a storage number in order for clients to remove the will from storage with ease.




Every Will deposited with Essential Storage is also registered with Certainty.  Registration records the existence and tags the location of a Will on Certainty the National Will Register, the largest register in the UK.  Registration ensures that if Beneficiaries and Executors are unaware that a Will has been written, or are unsure where it may be located, it can be easily found by conducting a Register Will Search.


Certainty the National Will Register


Certainty the National Will Register is the Law Society’s endorsed provider of a national Will Register and Will Search service.  This combination of Physical Storage and Registration allows the Will to be administered in accordance with your wishes – the only reason to write a Will in the first place.

A Will is perhaps the most important legal document you will ever write. However in order for your last wishes to be properly carried out, first your most recent Will has to be found, and then it has to be submitted unaltered to probate.


Common problems can prevent this from happening, e.g.

  • The Will cannot be found
  • The first person to find the Will is likely to be a beneficiary and may not pass it on to probate if they don’t agree with the contents
  • The Will may be altered before it is submitted to probate
  • A local solicitor may hold an old copy of an earlier Will, and submit this to probate if they are unaware that a more recent Will exists
  • The Will may be lost, damaged, or destroyed by fire or flood, whether held by the testator or by a solicitor or Will writer
  • Many years may pass between the making of the Will and the testator’s death, increasing the likelihood of the original being lost or destroyed
  • the Solicitor or Will-writer may have ceased trading long before the Will is   sought
  • There is anecdotal evidence of unsafe storage practices among some Will-writing companies
  • The Will may be held in a safety deposit box, which cannot be released to the executor, because only the Will itself names the executor
  • Family members may enter into undignified disputes regarding the contents and validity of the Will
  • The witnesses and/or beneficiaries cannot be identified


Don’t leave it to chance

Life Planning Solutions  recommend Essential Storage to all our clients.