Life Planning Solutions, how we dealt with the Covid19 Pandemic

In March 2019 Covid19 became a word that would dominate and determine how we live our lives for the foreseeable future.  We found ourselves being told to stay at home to protect the NHS and save lives.

The spread of this disease was worrying, deaths and admissions into hospitals were rising, as were the numbers contracting the disease.

We are currently in lockdown three, with over 100,000 deaths and the numbers of cases in hospitals reaching 40,000.  Several vaccines have been made and with the different age groups being vaccinated, we are hoping things will start to go back to the new normal.

As a business we continued to work in line with changing lockdown measures across the UK.  We want to ensure that we are best placed to take full advantage of the ‘new normal’.

Professionals involved in the execution of Wills and other legal urgent needs, are considered to be key workers and can work through the pandemic.

Over the last year our business has been busy with enquires from all ages for Wills, Lasting Power of Attorneys and unfortunately Probate Services.

We offer clients the option of video calling using Skype, Zoom and Messenger to discuss the client’s needs.  Documents are sent by post for signing in preparation for our video meetings. I was pleasantly surprised with our older generation, how hi-tech they are.

We offer clients the option of face-to-face home visits with safe distancing in place, using masks and sanitizer at all times.

In both face to face and Video meetings, the final signing of any documents needs to be done face to face. On many occasions my wife Susan would be available as a second witness, saving third party contamination.

The systems in place work well, the feedback and Testimonials have been great, commenting on how safe they felt and how glad they were to have these important documents in place. (Please look at our Testimonial page on this website)

We have seen the growth of Pre-Paid Funeral Plans.  The older generation are now planning for the future, they feel planning ahead is important and would take the burden, increased expense and complications away from family when they pass away.

Life Planning Solutions supports the NHS staff by giving all year-round support and advice on Wills & LPAs.  This is done face to face each month when visiting each of the DGH and Conquest hospital. My visits have not been possible this year, I miss and look forward to seeing all my friends and staff again soon.

Life Planning Solutions as a business is in a good place for the future. We have a great reputation and feel that we can grow our business in the years ahead.

Posted by Steve Christmas / Posted on 02 Feb
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